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Amscan Sweet Birthday Girl 1st Birthday Room Decorating Kit, Large, Pink/Purple/Green/Orange/Blue


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The first birthday of your baby girl is very special and this event will require planning. Choosing the perfect 1st birthday party themes for this event will help you coordinate the and .

January brings several birthdays for us. My little man is turning 1 on the 30th. I’ve been getting things ready for his big celebration. So…today I am sharing with you 8 Cute Boy 1st Birthday Party Themes.

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    • One Little Star Pink
    • One Little Star Blue
    • All Aboard 1st Birthday
    • Sweet 1st Birthday Girl
    • Wild at One Boy
    • Wild at One Girl
    • Under The Sea Pals
    • Noah's Ark
    • Fisher Price Circus
    • Farmhouse Fun
    • Flying High
    • Liberty Betsy
    • Chevron Divine
    • Circus Time
    • Fancy Ladybird 1st
    • Peter Rabbit
    • Porcelain Blue
    • Truly Scrumptious
  • Popular 1st birthday party themes decorations for girls

    Making a choice of a 1st birthday party theme may not even cross your mind. You’re so excited about the occasion, it makes sense to buy streamers and table decorations in a theme of ones, ones and more ones. However, a theme that more fully expresses the meaning of this 1st birthday can make the occasion more meaningful to your child as he or she grows up. Let’s take a look at some examples to illustrate.

    Many babies have favorite objects in the nursery, such as a big, soft turtle toy. Perhaps it’s the color or texture, but for whatever reason, baby loves that big sot guy. Such favorites may be loved and dragged around for years. In any case, your child will have happy memories associated with that toy, even into the teenage years. Here, maybe a theme of turtles would be the way to go for your 1st birthday party theme. A turtle shaped cake, in the colors of the real guy, won’t be forgotten. Visit a party supply store for turtle theme decorations