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Schwinn Boys' 12-Inch Grit Bike


Giant Jnr Animator 12 inch Boys Bike Overview

The XXlite 12 inch boys bike is suitable for little boys from the age of three and up or from a height of 1m. The bike comes standard with removable training wheels, a chain protector for safety and to ensure little trousers are not stained with chain oil, back and front reflectors, a front hand break and a back pedal break.

The XXlite 12” is our stylish red 12 inch boys bike for little riders who prefer a push bike instead of a balance bike or who are ready to move onto a pedal bike after a balance bike and are too small for 14” or 16” push bike.

Mongoose Lilgoose 12 inch Boys Bike in Polished/Orange

  • The 12 inch boys bike is a great choice for learning the art of cycling
  • Mongoose Lilgoose 12 inch Boys Bike - Red

    The XXlite 12 inch boys bike has safety grips on the handle bars. The cushioned impact protectors at the ends of the handle bars help protect children from injuries if they fall.

    Make Your Child's First Biking Experience A Positive One With The Right Boys Bike Accessories He started pedaling with a tricycle, and the next step is a 12 inch boys bike with training wheels. Active children are happier and healthier! A pleasant introduction to the world of cycling paves the way for a lifetime of enjoyment and gives your son a great start for an active lifestyle. A boys bike is a great gift for determination too. Most children come to yearn for the day they'll remove the training wheels and hit the trails with bigger children. Training bikes include a set of training wheels and other features for both comfort and safety. Successful efforts require the right set of boys bike accessories . This selection from Upland Storm comes with a set of training wheels, a chain cover to prevent accidental slips, sure-grip handlebar covers and an adjustable seat. The knobby tires provide traction over uneven surfaces. Besides a helmet and gloves, your little one has the tools for successful bike training with this boys bike. Give his excitement for the great outdoors started early with this training bike for boys!